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Ace High Ballooning

Ace High Ballooning
1849 Bethbirei Road

Ace high ballooning was created by bob grimes, a commercially licensed balloon pilot since 1977. He took his first balloon ride in 1973, the same year his neighbor won the first world hot air balloon championship.

Being a college student at the time with no money to buy a balloon or pay for lessons, bob worked and crewed for his flight instruction.

In january of 1979 bob moved to albuquerque, new mexico to work for world balloon corporation, the largest commercial balloon operation in the world at that time. Flying several corporate balloons all across the country, he gained valuable piloting and public relations skills.

Wanting to settle down a bit, in 1982 he moved back to michigan to start his own business and get married.

In 1983, bob was chosen to be the chief pilot for the buick olympic balloon program. An extensive eighteen month tour that culminated at the summer games in los angeles.

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