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Air Texas Balloon Adventures

Air Texas Balloon Adventures
1029 Highway 6 North, Suite 650

Air Texas Balloon Adventures is located in Houston, Tx, what others may refer to as Space City. We fly year-round, weather permitting, throughout the local area.

Mr. Doug Watson, our chief pilot, has over 25 years of aeronautical experience with hundreds of hours of safe "Pilot In Command" time flying many different types of aircraft.  Our support crew is composed of highly experienced individuals, trained in balloon operations, that are eager to make your flight enjoyable and answer all of your questions.

Air Texas Balloon Adventures uses Cameron and Balloon Works equipment.  Both of these balloons are manufactured in the U.S.  All of our balloons are inspected on a regular schedule as per Federal Aviation Administration maintenance rules and regulations.  The baskets are capable of holding up to five passengers.  We take great pride in our business and will strive to make your flight one of the most exciting adventures you will ever discover.

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