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Light Flight Hot Air Balloons

Light Flight Hot Air Balloons
Old Pylesville Road & Hwy. 543

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Join us in the celebration of man's earliest and surely most romantic forms of flight - the Hot Air Balloon and Biplane. Free of the earth and all your cares, you will soar as if by magic to places where only your imagination has flown. As children we dreamt of floating among the clouds. Let us take you back to a time when you believed in fairy tales and longed to fly on the wings of a bird.

The adventure of a lifetime awaits you as you drift silently over the countryside laughing at the folly of an unknown destination. The world seems an almost perfect place from the basket of a balloon or the open cockpit of a biplane. Your flight descends to land and you share in the two hundred year old tradition of a champagne or sparkling cider toast. A celebration of both new found friends and the heavens above.

If the romance and adventure of balloon and vintage airplane flight appeals to you, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Light Flight Balloons, Inc. and Barnstormer Aero, a full time, full service, locally owned and operated Maryland company. We offer balloon charter flights, tethered balloon promotions, hot air balloon pilot training, and open cockpit biplane rides for Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We are the area's most experienced ride company.

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