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Orlando Balloon Adventures

Orlando Balloon Adventures
6075 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway

Orlando Balloon Adventures LLC has been operating in the Orlando/Kissimmee area since 2002 with a perfect safety record. Our flights typically take place around the southern corners of Walt Disney World.

Our balloons will carry two to four passengers and our larger balloons will carry six to ten passengers. At OBA we pride ourselves in the quality of our equipment. Our new gondolas are engineered for passenger safety and comfort. Our two to four passenger gondola also has a seat for additional comfort while our six to ten passenger gondola is partitioned with padded sidewalls for your protection.

We have also designed into our larger basket an additional partition so that couples and families upon request may have their own private compartment. We are the only company in the Orlando/Kissimmee area to offer couples their own compartment on a shared gondola flight.

Our flight paths are directed by the wind direction for the day. Sometimes we fly around the edges of Walt Disney World and other flights may take us over Orange Groves or even the Green Swamp. When the Orange Blossoms are in bloom the sweet aroma is intoxicating.

The views of Mother Earth from a hot air balloon are truly breathtaking. Each flight is a unique journey and the memories will last a lifetime.

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