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Orlando Balloon Rides

Orlando Balloon Rides
2900 Parkway Boulevard

Orlando Balloon Rides is the Premier Balloon Company in Central Florida and is the largest passenger ride operator on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. The well established companies of Blue Water Balloons and Orange Blossom Balloons have merged to form Orlando Balloon Rides.

We fly thousands of people a year in balloons specifically designed and engineered for passenger comfort. Our balloons are all 2007 models or newer and have all the latest safety features with you in mind. We are most proud of our 100%, unblemished safety record. Our reputation has been built over many years and Orlando Balloon Rides is held with great regard not only by the ballooning community but also in the travel and tourist industry.

The company holds contracts with more than 80 national and international tour and travel operators as well as many local guest service organizations. These contracts cover many American and Canadian operators, every British Tour Company, the top 7 Japanese Tour Companies and many other European operators. We are the only company in the South East US contracted to fly guests from AAA motor club.

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